Frozen Fridays


Who can play? Frozen Fridays are open to all golfers! You do not have to be a DSGA member and you do not have to have a handicap.  Registration is first come, first served.

What’s the Format?  All events are a 10am shotgun start and scored using a Modified Callaway Scoring System.   Since Callaway Scoring is designed to equalize scores among all ability levels, all players will compete for prizes in the same flight.  If any week has a ladies’ field size of 6 or more players, or the Women’s tees have a different par, a Women’s Division may be created.

How do I sign Up?  Registration for each Friday opened on October 1 and is open until the Wednesday before the event, unless otherwise noted.   Registrants will be notified/reminded of the schedule each week by email.

Send an email to or call 302-234-3365 to register.

2018-2019 Schedule

Subject to Change – Check Back Often for Updates….

Click Here for Current Week’s Roster

November 2 Newark CC: Results $40/10am shotgun
November 9  Rookery North: Results $40/10am shotgun
November 16 Maple Dale CC: Results $40/10am shotgun
  Happy Thanksgiving!  
November 30 Concord CC: Results $40/10am shotgun
December 7 Chesapeake Bay: Results $40/10am shotgun
December 14 Bear Trap Dunes: Results $40/10am shotgun
December 21 Cancelled $40/10am shotgun
  Happy New Year!  
January 4 Cripple Creek CC: Results $40/10am shotgun
January 11 Cancelled $40/10am shotgun
January 18 Cancelled $40/10am shotgun
January 25 Eagle Creek: Results $40/10am shotgun
February 1 Cancelled $40/10am shotgun
February 8 Heritage Shores: Results $40/10am shotgun
February 15 Baywood Greens: Results $40/10am shotgun
February 22 Rookery South $40/10am shotgun
March 1 Frog Hollow GC $40/10am shotgun
MONDAY, March 4 Deerfield GC $40/10am shotgun
March 8 Mulligan’s Pointe $40/10am shotgun
March 15 Garrisons Lake GC $40/10am shotgun
March 22 Wild Quail G&CC $40/10am shotgun
March 29 The Peninsula – WAITLIST $40/10am shotgun
April 5 Hooper’s Landing GC $40/10am shotgun


2017-18 Results

November 3 Newark CC:  Results $40/10am shotgun
November 10  Maple Dale CC:  Results $40/10am shotgun
November 17 The Rookery North: Results $40/10am shotgun
  Happy Thanksgiving!  
December 1 Heritage Shores: Results $40/10am shotgun
December 8 Chesapeake Bay – RS: Results $40/10am shotgun
December 15 The Rookery South: Results $40/10am shotgun
  Happy Holidays!  
January 5 Cancelled due to weather $40/10am shotgun
January 12 Cancelled due to weather $40/10am shotgun
January 19 Eagle Creek – Results $40/10am shotgun
 January 26 Wild Quail G&CC – Results $40/10am shotgun
February 2 Cancelled due to weather $40/10am shotgun
February 9 Rookery North: Results $40/10am shotgun
February 16 Odessa National GC: Results $40/10am shotgun
 February 23 Bear Trap Dunes: Results $40/10am shotgun
Monday, February 26 Baywood Greens: Results $40/10am shotgun
March 2  Cancelled due to weather $40/10am shotgun
March 9 The Peninsula: Results $40/10am shotgun
March 16 Cancelled due to weather $40/10am shotgun
Wednesday, March 21 Cancelled due to weather $40/10am shotgun
March 23 Cancelled due to weather $40/10am shotgun
Monday, March 26 Mulligan’s Pointe: Results $40/10am shotgun
March 30 Garrisons Lake GC: Results $40/10am shotgun
Wednesday, April 4 Concord CC: Results $40/10am shotgun
Tuesday, April 17 Cancelled due to weather $40/10am shotgun