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GolfNet Network ID Number

Your GolfNet Network ID Number is the number in the handicap system that identifies you uniquely to the GN21 handicap system. This number can be used at any GolfNet Kiosk to post scores. This can also be used when posting online or through a smartphone app. This number is also your IGN number. This number is used when you post scores away from your home club. Your IGN number ensures that your scores will be routed back to your home club.

Revision Schedule

The Delaware State Golf Association follows the national handicap revision schedule that has been mandated by the USGA. Handicaps are revised on the 1st an 15th every month throughout the year. This coordinated revision schedule insures that all of the golf associations and scoring record are in sync through the country.

NEW FOR 2017: The active golf season for Delaware begins April 1st and runs through November 14th.

Scores from golf played in areas that are in an active golf seasons will be used for handicap calculation.

The IGN – Transfer Scores from Other State Associations

The IGN is a non-profit corporation which is operated by the participating golf associations for the sole purpose of providing their members with the ability to post anywhere they play. With IGN, players can post scores at other clubs within their state or outside of their state association and have these scores routed back to their home club. The IGN also provides the ability for score files to be linked of individuals who are members of more than one participating IGN association.