Scholarship Fund

Our mission is to help students in Delaware involved in golf with their higher education. Each year we strive to award a handful of deserving applicants a four year scholarship. Recipients are those with exceptional academics, community involvement and love for the game of golf!

To apply, please go to Scholarship Fund 2018 Application

2017 Winners:

Devin Sanders ($5,200), Zach Barbin ($3,800), Andrew Brown ($2,500), Evan Brown ($2500), Matt Zehner ($2500)

DSGA Scholarship Fund Winners

Left to Right: Devin Sanders, Andrew Brown, Evan Brown, Matt Zehner

IMG_2358 (2)

Zach Barbin

2016 Winners:

Reed Winkler ($5,200), Erryn Smith ($3,800), Alex Weiner ($3,000) and Jack Ashby ($3,000)

2015 Winners: 

Liam Murphy ($4,500), Madeline Baptiste ($3,000), Matthew Rosal ($2,500), Joshua Dill ($1,500), Rachel Hagan ($1,500) and Nathan Milligan ($1,500)

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