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The Lay Up: April 2017

Delaware’s Active Score Posting Season:  April 1 – November 14

Post Scores from Your Mobile Device using DSGA GolfLife:

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What else can I do from the App?  Track your stats, search for course contact info, calculate course handicaps for a match, look up other DSGA players’ handicaps and visit the full DSGA website.

Top 4 Questions We Answer on Handicaps…

4) Preferred Lies: To Post or Not to Post?

3) The Dreaded “R” Designation:  What is it & Why is it there? 

2) Conceded Strokes (Match Play) or Unfinished Holes (Four Ball):  What Score do I Post?

1) Competing from Different Tees:  How many strokes do I get and why?

DSGA Membership

So, you renewed your handicap for 2017 and your golf pro tells you you’re a member of the DSGA….but what does that mean?  In brief, the DSGA is your local link to all things amateur golf.

Administrative:  Handicap calculation for all DSGA golfers and maintaing Course Ratings for all tees at any DSGA member course for both men and women within the USGA’s master database.

Tournaments & Rules Officiating:  Annual schedule of Men’s and Women’s tournaments with qualified rules officials and tournament formats that utilize USGA recommended allocations to ensure fair and equal competition.  In addition, the DSGA assists with hosting USGA qualifiers and officiates local events at both the high school and college levels.

Growth of the Game: Our 501c(3) DSGA Scholarship Fund awards college scholarships to well-rounded juniors every year.  Over $1 million has been awarded since 1986.  Additionally, the DSGA works cooperatively with the USGA, Philadelphia PGA Section and The First Tee of Delaware to promote programs and grow the game in our region.  We also have an Outside Events board to publicize local tournaments that raise funds for other charitable causes.

Golf News & Special Discounts: As a DSGA member, you have access to a variety of extra perks besides tournament eligibility and the administrative tasks that happen behind the scenes.

Hotel Discounts through Affinity Travel – whether you need a hotel room for a DSGA event, or for your next family vacation, all DSGA members will have access to special discounted hotel rates across the country.  Going live at the end of April!

Golf Trip Discounts & Group Travel Opportunities – Whether you join in on our Triple Travel Series, one of our seasonal deals, or jump in on a Girls’ Only trip with Premier Golf…there are deals to be had and great destinations to visit. Available now! 

Tips from UD’s Physical Therapy Department – Golf isn’t as fun with aches and pains on your mind, so we have partnered with the University of Delaware Physical Therapy to provide us all with video tips to avoid joint pain, stretch sore muscles and maybe even gain a few yards off the tee.  First video will be available at the end of April! 

Access to Golf Events & Opportunities – DSGA members can sign up early to secure their committee of choice at the 2018 BMW Championship at Aronimink.  Here’s the link: www.2018BMWVolunteers.com.  Other opportunities are available for 2017 at the LPGA Shoprite Classic in June, the Constellations Senior PLAYERS in July and The President’s Cup in September.



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