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On behalf of the DSGA Board, let me begin by welcoming everyone to what should be a very exciting year.  We must also take a moment to congratulate our 2018 Players of the Year – Alex Mulrooney, Jeff Allen and Joe Tigani!  

As with any new year, 2019 comes with plenty of change.  In the golfing world, we have the Modernization of the Rules of Golf to learn this spring, and the World Handicap System not too far off on the horizon.  As a USGA Allied Golf Association, we continue to support the USGA locally by administering handicaps, maintaining course ratings, and providing education opportunities.  

The DSGA always seeks ways to encourage all players to engage in the game – whether that is through championship competition, member club events, or away from the golf course with member benefits and discounts offered throughout the year.  The News Section of our website will keep you up to date on any new opportunities coming up.

As is often the case in life, some changes will be readily accepted and understood, and others will be questioned.  The DSGA has undergone a change in staff as Board President, Bob Strong, has been hired by the Board as Interim Executive Director for the 2019 season, working with Laura Heien, Director of Operations.  We also welcome three new Board members – Dale Loeslein, Rich Conway, and Frank Vassallo, and would like to thank outgoing Board members for their past support – Dick Matthias, Cameron McDonald and Chase Brockstedt.  

While small in geography, the DSGA membership has a fantastic enthusiasm for the game and look forward to offering more opportunities to participate and get involved.  We encourage you to visit our website periodically throughout the year (not just to post your scores) but to consider volunteering, playing in an event, or supporting the DSGA Scholarship Fund.  Hope to see you out on the course and wish all of you good weather and good health throughout 2019!

On behalf of the entire DSGA Board, thank you again for your support.

Robert Strong


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