Main Phone: (302) 234-3365

The DSGA is a non-profit organization, established in 1952. We are an amateur golf association whose mission is the preservation and expansion of the game by adhering to the rules and guidelines set forth by the United States Golf Association.  The DSGA membership currently consists of all golf courses in the State of Delaware, and neighboring counties of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

All players with an active handicap at any DSGA member club are eligible to particiapte in DSGA tournaments, pending any age or handicap limits.

The DSGA provides an annual schedule of tournaments for men and women with emphasis on competition according to the Rules of Golf, but also not losing sight of the camaraderie provided by this great game.

2021 DSGA Board of Directors

President – Robert Strong   Vice President – Wayne Carey   Treasurer – Rich Conway      Secretary – Max King Jr.

At Large – Frank Vassallo, Jeff Allen, Dale Loeslein, Jay Whitby and the Honorable Meghan A. Adams


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