DSGA Championship History 

Current  Amateur Champion: Jacoby Chappa (2022)

Amateur Champions Archive

Current Open Champion: Zac Oakley (2022)

Open Champions Archive

Current Senior Champion: Pem Rosal (2022)

Senior Champions Archive

Current Junior Champion: Matt Homer (2022)

Junior Champions Archive


DSGA Tournament History

2019 Results
2018 Results
2017 Results
2016 Results

2016 Schedule Page

Mid Open: Flight Winners

Four Ball Championships: Flight Winners

Odessa National: Flight Winners

27 Hole Challenge:  Flight Winners

Fall Classic: Flight Winners

Senior: Payouts & Scoring

51st Delaware Open: Payouts & Leaderboard

Super Senior: Flight Winners & Leaderboard

Newark:  Flight Winners & Birdie Pool

Chesapeake Bay:  Flight Winners

Delaware Amateur:  Leaderboard

Radley Run: Flight Winners & Birdie Pools

Chester River: Flight Winners  & Birdie Pools

Spring Classic: Flight Winners


Rookery South: Flight Winners & Birdie Pools

2015 Results
2014 Results
2013 Results


Williamson Cup Teams

2021 (photo above with Coach Tom Ciconte): Anthony Ciconte, Matthew Homer, Kristof Kopecky, Jack Homer

2020: Event cancelled due to COVID-19

2019: Nikita Romanov, Matthew Miller, Anthony Ciconte, Matthew Homer

2018:  Austin Barbin, Nikita Romanov, Danny Dougherty, Kyle Strassle

2017: Austin Barbin, Zach Barbin, Danny Dougherty, Nikita Romanov

2016: Austin Barbin, Zachary Barbin, Evan Brown and Danny Dougherty

2015: Austin Barbin, Zachary Barbin, Ryan Bree, Reed Winkler

2014: Matthew Cleary, Liam Murphy, Matthew Rosal, Ryan Rucinski

2013: Matthew Cleary, Jerome Mangubat, Kyle Plusch, Ryan Rucinski 

2012: Jerome Mangubat, Joe Tigani, Ryan Rucinski, Joe Visalli

Senior Challenge Match Teams 

2019 Team – Photo credit: Tony Regina, GAP

2021 – Gulph Mills GC: Ron Jamarowicz, Tom Borsello, Erik Ervin, Jeff Allen, Tim Golder, Tom Humphrey, Tom Kearns, Bob McKusker

2020: Event cancelled due to COVID-19

2019 – The Peninsula: Michael Spease, Kevin Sartell, Bryan Taylor, Randy Mitchell, Tom Kearns, Tim Freeh, Jeff Allen, Steve Walczak

2018 Team:  Tom Kearns, Alan Wagenschnur, Randy Mitchell, Rand Mendez, Jeff Allen, Chris Smedley, Tom Humphrey, Steve Walczak

2017 Team:  Chris Smedley, Buddy Reed, Alan Wagenschnur, Randy Mitchell, Steve Walczak, Rand Mendez, Tom Humphrey, Jeff Allen

2016 Team: Mike Moser, Buddy Reed, Chris Raymond, Randy Mitchell, Chris Smedley, Dave Landskroener, Steve Walczak, Jeff Allen


Delaware Teams at USGA Men’s State Team Championships 


2016: Jay Whitby (Playing Captain), Greg Wolfe & Jeff Allen

2014 (picture above with Pete Dye): Chris Anderson (Playing Captain), Ed Brown & Jay Whitby

2012: Chase Brockstedt, Simon Hagger & Greg Wolfe (Non-Playing  Captain: Bill Barrow)

2009: Tim Freeh, Jay Whitby & Greg Wolfe (Non-Playing Captain: Bob Murphy)

2007: Tom Borsello, Tim Freeh & Mark Surtees (Non-Playing Captain: Bob Murphy)

2005: Anthony Apostolico, Chase Brockstedt & Steve Walczak (Non-Playing Captain: Bob Murphy)

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