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DSGA GolfLife is being retired – the new app is Delaware State Golf Association, by BlueGolf.

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Handicaps - General Info

Members will always have their BlueGolf handicap associated with them for tournaments.  If you'd like to select a specific handicap index or revision to use or run an event off current trend indexes - you have a couple options.

Players Tab > Update Handicaps:

- Current Trend Index

- Official Index as Of a Specific Date

- Lowest Index in a Range of Dates

9 Hole Events - Applying Handicaps

In order for BlueGolf to recognize that the event is 9 Holes, you must set up a contest and designate the Holes Played as either 1-9 or 10-18 (instead of all/1-18).

Additionally for events involving players with both 18 hole indexes and 9 hole indexes, the 9 hole indexes must include the N following the numeric values (i.e. 12.9N).

Match Play - General Info

For match play events that involve a qualifying round, followed by match play, you will need to include multiple rounds, and two types of contests.

Example:  18 holes of qualifying, followed by 3 rounds of individual match play in a single flight/bracket.

Round 1:  18 holes of qualifying

Round 2:  Quarterfinal Matches

Round 3: Semifinal Matches

Round 4:  Final Match

Contest 1 - Individual Stroke Play, associated with Round 1 and all players competiting in the Qualifier

Contest 2 - Individual Match Play, associated with Rounds 2-4 and can be seeded based on the results of the stroke play contest or manual entries

ABCD Events - General Info

For events where Teams will be generated based on ABCD designations (usually based on handicap index), you must first create Flights on the Players tab.

Then, you can move to the Teams tab and Generate teams based on the ABCD flight assignments that you just finalized.

How-to: Import a Player List from Excel

Once you have created your tournament...

Players Tab > Import > Members > Select your CSV file


- The actual import load is a little slow

- Directions for your excel file setup are below

- You do not need a row with headers (i.e. you will end up with a player named First Name Last Name.

Outing participants can be imported using the format below:

Field Format Comments
First name Required
Last name Required
Handicap index 99.9 Numbers only or blank. Can be two digits to left of decimal and one to the right. Decimal must be included. An 11 index should be 11.0.
Team ID/Name Team ID/name or blank, players will be grouped into teams based on this value
Group Start hole, followed by A/B if shotgun (e.g. 5B), valid values are 1-18, 1A-18A, and 1B-18B.
Tee Time HH:mm H = hour (0-23), m = minute (e.g. 08:15, 14:10)

CSV format required. Excel can be used to create the file and export it in CSV format.

Online Registration: Team/Partner Selection Options

If an event is set to allow team registration, you will have 3 options for your members to select their teammates.  Below are the options and a screenshot of how it displays for the player attempting to register.

  • Member Database - only active members on your club's roster
  • DSGA # Lookup - only active members at DSGA Member Clubs
  • Text Entry - first and last name required, optional fields for Club Affiliation, DSGA # and a Contact Phone #
BlueGolf TV: General Info

BlueGolf TV only works on the dates of your event - you can change the round date to test out different screens in order to prepare appropriately and adjust fonts/sizing/etc.

You can include contest results, player stats, course stats, and custom messages (Closest to the Hole Winners, event schedule notes, etc.)

Custom Scorecard Reminders

- You can associate each row of the card with a specific player's information, including Player Name, Handicap dots shown, yardage/tee played.

- You can Show/Hide dots for any row on your card

- Logos:  You can have one logo on file for custom cards.  It must be a SVG file - contact Laura with questions or to change that logo.

Pace of Play

To turn on pace of play for scorecard printing purposes, go to the Pairings Tab > Settings > Pace of Play: Settings.  Adjust as needed.

Rainouts & Date Changes

Assuming all details of your event remain the same, all you need to do to adjust a tournament date is click the Rounds tab > Edit > Change the date/time > Save.

If you anticipate a significant number of withdrawals or changes to the field, we recommend starting a new event to limit confusion.

To "recycle" the old event, you can withdraw all players and use it for a future outing where there won't be overlap with any withdrawn players.

How to: Create a Custom Tee

If you'd like to set up a custom tee/yardage for an event, you can do so by clicking the Rounds tab > Manage Tees > Copy an existing tee > Edit and Re-Name > Save.

Then select that tee for the corresponding rounds and contests involved.

Where Are My Results?

If you've entered scores and your contest results won't display, double check the following: 

- Is your Contest Active?   Contests Tab > Far Right Option for each contest/flight will either say Active or Inactive.   Active needs to be displayed.


- Is your Results section "live"?  Website tab > Results Site > Show Results needs to display Yes

Handicaps & Members

  • The Advanced button allows you to switch back and forth from Active to Inactive members
  • Password Reset Link
  • Florida GolfNet clubs are not participating in the IGN in 2018 (Golf Association of Florida is being “absorbed” by Florida State Golf Association as part of the USGA’s Allied Golf Association updates).   These clubs will likely be on GHIN by 2019, in which case we could link to them.   Your members’ Florida club will likely have more specific info on this topic.
Add a NEW Member
  • New Members will be automatically assigned a DSGA Handicap ID #, which will serve as their username
  • Their password will default to their last name
  • Adding an email address to their profile will give them the ability to reset their password on their own in the future, as well as email communications from DSGA such as Handicap Revision Emails and any special announcements.
Transfer a Member

From other DSGA clubs -

  • If you know their Handicap ID #, you can enter it in BlueGolf and all  data from that member will transfer to you.
  • If you don't know their Handicap ID #, call or email DSGA and we will make the transfer.
Password Reset

Many users had previously bookmarked/favorited the DSGANetwork login page on their home computers - please make sure they are attempting to sign in to the correct site.

Website Link:  https://dsga.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/dsga18/security/pswdlookup.htm

  • If a player gets "Locked Out" for too many failed login attempts, they need to wait 30 minutes before attempting to reset and log in again.
  • Players who played in a DSGA event in the last 2 years may have their old password stored in their browser.
  • The forgot password screen on the App has the same two options (ID # or email) to reset.
Add an Admin/Admin Privileges

Handicap Chairpersons, League leaders, etc. can be added as administrators on your console.

Members Tab > Administrators > Add New

You can add as many administrators as needed and they can be deleted at any time.

At this time, there is only one level of Administrator.   We have requested additional levels such as View Only, Members Tab only, etc.

Multi-Members & IGN Links

BlueGolf allows you to view and edit IGN links on behalf of your members.

Search a Player > Edit > Membership Tab > IGN > Add an IGN Member Link

You must know the player's GHIN # and the corresponding State/Regional Golf Association.

  • With the recent changes to the USGA's Allied Golf Association listings, we can assist if you are unsure which associations are still providing handicaps.

To view a roster of all multi-member links:

Members tab > Standard Reports > Members of Other Associations Report


Subdivisions for leagues, small groups, etc. can be created so you can target them specifically for reporting and queries.

Members Tab > Setup > Subdivision

Once created and saved, you can visit each members profile to assign them to the appropriate group.  We recommend setting these groups on an annual basis to maintain accuracy.

Change Division (9 Hole, 18 Hole, Jr, etc.)

Search for the Member > Edit > Membership tab > Change Division > Save

Then Email Laura to re-calculate their latest handicap revision.


World Handicap System & Golf Rules 2018

WHS 2020:  Resources from USGA

Golf Rules 2019: Resources from USGA

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