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Establish a Handicap Index at one of our member clubs, and by doing so you will automatically become a member of the DSGA. Joining an DSGA member club entitles you to all of the benefits the DSGA has to offer!

Join a DSGA Member Club

The DSGA has 40 Member Clubs located at specific golf courses. Courses are fully private, semi-private, public, resort and military. Each facility has different requirements and benefits. Contact your local club for more details.

Join the DSGA eClub

If you don’t play regularly at one course and want to join the DSGA and get a Handicap Index, you can sign-up for the DSGA eClub, Play Golf Delaware.

Note: Contact us to renew an expired eClub account. 

Join Youth on Course

Youth ages 6-18 are eligible to join Youth on Course for an annual membership fee, which entitles members to play participating courses in Delaware and over 1,400 courses throughout the United States for $5 or less per round.

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